23:00 / 12.07.2019
Antimonopoly committee files a lawsuit against JSC Uzbekistan Railways

The antimonopoly committee studied the appeal of a business entity, located in the Fergana region, concerning the imposition of compulsory provision of chalk marking services for cars sent for loading and unloading by the enterprise “Qo’qon mintaqaviy temir yo’l uzeli” under the JSC Uzbekistan Railways.

Chalk markings of wagons are conditional marks applied to the train cars to be recycled after it arrives at a precinct or sorting station.

When studying this issue, it was established that the service on chalk marking of cars is carried out by the enterprise of railways only if it is necessary for the consumer, when he submits an appropriate application.

It was also revealed that in the absence of the need and request from the entrepreneur for the provision of this service, the enterprise “Qo’qon mintaqaviy temir yo’l uzeli”, by imposing, rendered chalk marking services along with the main service of providing wagons for loading and unloading.

As a result, the subject of natural monopoly accrued to the entrepreneur unjustified debt in the amount of 61.7 million soums.

On this fact, the committee has filed a lawsuit against the company Uzbekistan Railways, issued an order to eliminate violation of the law on natural monopolies. Also, recalculation of the unreasonably accrued amount was made in favor of the entrepreneur.