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Ministry of Energy: “Smart” meters are insured against hacker attacks

Photo: kubnews.ru

Deputy Minister of Energy Sherzod Khodjayev assessed the protection of the automated energy metering and control system (AEMCS) as very good, Kun.uz correspondent reports.

According to him, all indicators of smart meters are archived on backup media, and foreign experts were involved in developing the security system.

“System protection is worked out very well. It is not developed by our specialists. Unfortunately, we do not have professionals of this level. The system archives data to the backup drive every day,” Khodjayev said. 

If attackers try to crack the meter, it will immediately give a warning signal about the need for verification.

“We have invited KT Corporation. It is one of the world leaders in the development of big data management systems. I myself was in their data center and was amazed at the number of hacker attacks that are tracked in real time. It is scary to watch. There are several millions of hacker attacks per day,” Khodjayev added. 

It should be recalled that in January of this year, an additional agreement was signed, which provides for the creation of a single republican data processing center of the AEMCS by the Korean company KT Corporation.

Deployment of the AEMCS throughout the country should be completed no later than December 1, 2021. Installation of smart meters in Tashkent is promised to be completed by the end of the year.