14:35 / 22.08.2019
Citizens of Uzbekistan purchase nearly $15 million from banks in one day
Photo: AP

As it was earlier reported, banks in Uzbekistan began selling foreign currency in cash.

As noted by the regulator, there are no restrictions nor limits while selling a certain foreign currency, a citizen just needs to present a passport.

The Central Bank instructed to provide exchange points with sufficient amount of both national and foreign currency.

Behzod Hamrayev, director of the Central Bank’s monetary policy department at a meeting of the International Press Club on August 22, said that on August 21, banks sold foreign currency for nearly $15 million, of which about $9.6 million in cash, and purchased little less than $20 million from citizens.

He also explained that the regulator will continue to publish every Monday exchange rates for accounting and financial purposes.

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