20:35 / 04.10.2019
SSS officers detain a shipment of drugs imported from Kyrgyzstan

In the Altinkul district, a resident of the Fergana region N. I. (born in 1989) was detained during an operational event held by employees of the State Security Service Department of the Andijan region, the SSS press service reports.  

A native of the city of Margilan tried to smuggle 6 kg and 318 grams of the narcotic substance hashish into his own region. 

It is identified that N. I. went to the Osh Oblast and agreed with citizens of Kyrgyzstan on the purchase of drugs for $13,200. He immediately paid $2,000 for the goods, another $3,000 was supposed to be transferred after receiving the goods in the territory of the Andijan region. And the rest of the amount was expected to be given after the sale of narcotic substances.

After some time, N. I. transferred another $2,900 to his acquaintances from Kyrgyzstan through his criminal accomplice from the city of Margilan Sh. M. (born in 1985). After that, he received smuggled goods on the territory of the Andijan region.

As a result of another operational measure conducted by the SSS officers, in the Pakhtaabad district of the Andijan region, local residents - N. G. (born in 1981), M. K. (born in 1982) and a resident of the city of Asaka (born in 1982) were detained. 

616 grams of the narcotic substance hashish were seized from the smugglers.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated on these facts under the relevant Articles of the Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

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