14:20 / 07.10.2019
Uztemiryulyulovchi plans to renew 80% of passenger cars in its fleet by 2025

Until 2025, the “Tashkent Passenger Car Repair and Maintenance Plant” plans to commission 300 new cars, thereby renewing 70-80% of the country’s passenger rolling stock.

“In general, the opportunity to annually purchase local-made passenger cars in such numbers is a great achievement. And we will make every effort to further develop the passenger sector and increase the volume of passenger transportation by rail,” Uztemiryulyulovchi marketing and innovation director Sunnatullo Khamidov said. 

In accordance with the developed concept for updating the registered fleet of the Uztemiryulyulovchi passenger cars, an annual purchase of new vehicles in the amount of at least 50 units of different types is planned.

According to experts, in the period from 2009 to 2018, the average number of wagons purchased did not exceed 18 units per year. Now the passenger sector development, in particular satisfaction of the population’s needs for passenger transportation, will be tangible.

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