22:01 / 16.10.2019
WPS Index: How active women are in socio-political life in Uzbekistan?

National Geographic Magazine has published the Women, Peace and Security Index (WPS Index) – a ranking of the safest and most comfortable countries for women, RIA Novosti reports.

The following three main indicators were used to compile the rating:

- involvement in the socio-political and economic life;

- security;

- absence of discrimination.

A total of 167 countries were involved in the ranking. Norway took the first place. It was followed by Switzerland and Finland. The TOP-5 was concluded by Denmark and Iceland.

The last three places in the ranking were occupied by Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.

Among the countries of Central Asia, Kazakhstan ranks 43rd, Turkmenistan – 60th, Kyrgyzstan – 80th, Uzbekistan – 89th and Tajikistan – 96th.

According to experts, women in Uzbekistan have become much more active in politics and other important areas of society. However, certain problems and gaps remain that do not allow speaking about gender equality.

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