18:44 / 17.10.2019
Presidential University to be established in Uzbekistan

Presidential University will be established in Uzbekistan. This is stated in the development Concept of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan till 2030.

According to the document, it is planned to establish a Presidential University – a leading educational and scientific center, which trains independently highly qualified, professional personnel. Graduates will have knowledge and skills, which are based on international standards and national traditions.

In addition, the following activities will be implemented to increase the coverage of higher education and improve the quality of training of specialists:

- developing public-private partnerships in higher education, creating competitive environment through the organization of different events between public and private universities in the regions, attracting investments;

- forming target parameters for training specialists, taking into account the Investment projects, regional and sectorial programs, requirements of the Board of Trustees and technological changes in the world.

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