10:52 / 23.10.2019
UZEX: Price of gasoline and gold declines

According to the results of trades at the exchange market, the price for AI-91 petrol and gold has slightly decreased.

On October 14-19, 2019, 3032.0 tons of AI-91 petrol were put up for sale, of which 2388.3 tons were sold. The quotes of AI-91 petrol in the last trading week decreased by 0.3% compared to the previous week and amounted to 6243.6 thousand soums per ton.

Certain changes were observed in the precious metals market. At the end of the auction, 100 grams of Au-1 gold worth 45.4 million soums were sold at the UZEX. The JSC “Almalyk MMC” acted as a seller in exchange trades. The exchange quotes fell by 0.3% compared to the last trading day and amounted to 454.4 thousand soums per 1 gram of gold.

Last week, liquefied gas producers sold 5851.0 tons of liquefied gas through exchange trades for 17.6 billion soums. The price of gas increased by 8.5% compared to the previous week and amounted to 3002.8 thousand soums per ton.

The demand for cotton fiber remains high. Last week, prices for cotton fiber of the first grade (upper class) increased by 7.9% and amounted to 14.6 million soums per ton. Prices for other types of cotton fiber for the 2019 harvest ranged from 7.3 million to 13.0 million soums.

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