20:50 / 26.10.2019
Kindergarten teacher fired for beating children

Recently, a video footage went viral on social networks, in which a teacher severely beat the children.

According to social network users, the woman beat children with a ruler, did not feed them and talked on the phone for hours. The incident was recorded at kindergarten No. 2 in the Urgench district.

Later, the above incident was studied in the Khorezm Regional Directorate of Preschool Education, and the case was transferred to the prosecutor's office.

According to the press service of the supervisory body, the teacher wrote an explanatory letter. She indicated that on October 17, she had a verbal skirmish with the head of the kindergarten. At that time, when she returned back to the room, the kids were noisy, and she decided to punish them with such method.

However, she stated that the children did not receive serious bodily harm.

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