17:56 / 02.12.2019

An Uzbek driver rescues 50 passengers from a burning bus in St. Petersburg

In the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg, a bus caught fire on a highway in the vicinity of the Olgino village. At the time of the fire, 50 people were in the cabin.

The bus started to move from the Northern capital to Zelenogorsk and caught fire on the Primorsky highway, near the village of Olgino. According to the traffic police department of St. Petersburg, there were 50 passengers on the bus. The driver saw smoke in the engine compartment, he stopped the bus on the side of the road and evacuated people.

All people were saved thanks to the driver’s competent actions and efficiency. A 43-year-old native of Uzbekistan was the hero of the day, he has been working at the enterprise for three years, the press service of the “Third park” JSC said.

The bus driver of route No. 211 left the “Chernaya rechka” metro station at around 11:40, and at about 12:00, he noticed black smoke behind the bus. The driver stopped at the “Baltiets” hotel, opened three doors at once and announced the evacuation. 

“The driver tried to extinguish the fire independently by the help of three fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, as practice shows, if a bus starts to burn, then extinguishing it with a fire extinguisher is almost impossible,” the press service explained. 

The “Third park” JSC confirmed that no one was injured in the incident. Passengers, who left the bus, safely boarded the next bus. 

Reportedly, employees of the Emergency Situations Ministry arrived at the scene and helped the driver cope with the fire. Rescuers quickly put out the fire.

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