14:25 / 02.12.2019
Khokimiyat of Guzar district misappropriates electricity worth 55.8 million soums

In the Kashkadarya region, employees of the Uzdavenergonazorat, the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement (BCE) and the Kashkadarya regional electric networks conducted appropriate audits.

According to the press service of the Energy Ministry, in the course of inspections, the cases of illegal electrical connections, violation of the electric meter circuits, connection of consumers to power grids without any technical documentation, not including existing meters and transformer points in the contract were identified. 

In particular, according to the document, the meter on the building of the Guzar district’s khokimiyat was turned off. But in fact, electricity was being used here having arbitrarily connected. On this occasion, a protocol was drawn up and the cost of unaccounted energy was set at 55.8 million soums (124,214 kWh).

In addition, during the study of design points of street lighting related to the Karshi city’s landscaping department, unauthorized use of electricity without a meter was detected at one point. There was a transformer point at 4 design points, and the meter was being used without inclusion in the program. According to the results of the audit, a recalculation of 335.6 million soums (745819 kWh) was made and the case was aimed at recovery of damages.

“On the above cases, employees of the BCE and electricity supply enterprises were given instructions in connection with the uncontrolled use of electricity by consumers for a long time,” the Ministry of Energy concluded.

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