10:34 / 10.12.2019
How much are prisoners paid in Uzbekistan?

Prisoners in Uzbekistan receive up to 1 million soums a month. However, they do not have a record of work experience, there is no employment record book for them. 

In the first 11 months of 2019, detainees sent 16.5 billion soums to their families.

According to Kun.uz correspondent, this information was presented by the Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate for Execution of Penalties under the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the head of the production and technical department Sharofiddinkhodja Usmanov.

“In accordance with the task entrusted by our president, the main objective of paying salaries for prisoners is to support financially their families, who have lost breadwinners. During January-November 2019, prisoners were paid 84.1 billion soums, of which 16.5 billion soums were sent to their families.

Sharofiddinkhodja Usmanov

In the future, we aim to pay even more wages and create better jobs,” Usmanov said at a press conference on December 9.

In the first 11 months of this year, 3,231 new jobs were created in the penitentiary system, which provided employment for an additional 3,995 convicts.

Currently, 88% of able-bodied prisoners are employed. As MIA officials report, decent working conditions have been created for prisoners.

“At present, there is a proposal to amend the penal enforcement code. We have proposed that the working time of the convicts should be recognized while calculating their length of service and pension. 

These proposals are currently being considered by the respective departments. It is likely that by mid-2020 this issue will be resolved,” Sharofiddinkhodja Usmanov said.

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