21:16 / 19.12.2019
Minimum years of service required for full pension announced

A press conference was held at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications with the participation of officials from the off-budgetary Pension Fund under the Finance Ministry. Information was provided on the work done by the Fund in 2019 and the tasks for 2020.

In accordance with ILO Convention No. 102 “On Minimum Standards for Social Security”, the minimum years of service required for an old-age pension is 15 years. This was announced on December 18 at a press conference organized by the off-budgetary Pension Fund.

The minimum required years of service in many countries of the world, including the CIS countries, has reached 10-15 years.

In particular, in Russia and Armenia this indicator is 10 years, Azerbaijan – 12 years and Belarus – 17 years. In Uzbekistan, the minimum length of service to receive a full pension is 7 years.

At the event, it was noted that in 2019, in accordance with the decision of the President of Uzbekistan, targeted measures were taken to further support pensioners and introduce the principles of justice in the pension system.

It was noted that in order to introduce international principles and standards in this area, from January 1 of this year, all working pensioners are paid pensions in full, and the amount of the average monthly salary for calculating the pension has been increased up to 10 MMW.

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