17:53 / 23.12.2019
International observers report negative conclusions regarding the vote count

International observers made their final conclusions on the results of the 22 December parliamentary elections in Uzbekistan.

George Tsereteli, the Special Coordinator of the OSCE, said that after elections, the rules were not followed during the vote count.

“There are clear rules for the vote counting process. But these rules were not respected. In the vote counting process, observers have provided instructions. However, the conclusion remains negative,” he said.

Tana de Zulueta, the head of the OSCE election observation mission, said that 42% of the conclusion on the vote counting process was negative.

“We participated in the vote counting process. In 133 polling stations, counting was observed by members of our mission. According to the conclusions, the computation process was not handled smoothly. The procedures established by law were not fully followed, and the results changed. In some places the numbers were less.

The primary calculations had to be announced. But this was not done. For example, no one has calculated the unused bulletins. We have also seen cases where computing has not been brought to an end. No one re-counted to make sure that the indicators were accurate,” Ms. Zulueta said.

The OSCE representative also noted that there were cases where data were exchanged through unsafe channels.

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