10:58 / 26.12.2019
Minister of Health: There are many corruption-related problems in our system

The Prosecutor General’s Office held a meeting to discuss the facts of corruption in the domestic healthcare system and the conditions conducive to it. At the meeting, the Prosecutor General cited both numerous flaws and specific facts.

At the end of the event, Minister of Health Alisher Shodmonov shared his findings with the media representatives.

“Today’s meeting showed that we made a lot of mistakes. In our work, we must give priority to the fight against corruption and choose the right framework for it. We need to review and improve all our regulatory and legal documents, conduct an inventory, and improve the system of norms in healthcare. It is also necessary to review the structure of the system and establish internal audit and control.

Another important factor contributing to corruption is our material-technical base. There were cases when we raised money for the repair of our workplaces. If we have good conditions, enough medicines and reagents, then there will be more opportunities to fight corruption,” Alisher Shodmonov said.

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