12:56 / 02.01.2020
TOP-5 unfulfilled promises of Uzbek officials in 2019

Over the past three years, officials of Uzbekistan have made various promises.

Earlier, it was reported that a special website vada.uz was launched in Uzbekistan, which monitors the promises of officials and politicians.

Kun.uz has collected the TOP-5 outstanding promises.

1. “Starting from next year, various discounts on cars will be introduced, we will try to reduce prices. You will feel how things will change in 2019.”

The board chairman of Uzavtosanoat JSC Shavkat Umurzokov promised to lower prices for domestic cars in 2019. He stated this at a meeting of the international press club. 

2. “Two new Tashkent metro stations will be commissioned in 2019.”

According to reports, two new stations of the Yunusabad metro line - Yunusabad and Turkiston should have started operating by the end of 2019. As a result, the current part of the Tashkent metro would be extended by 3 kilometers.

In late December, the press service of Uzbekistan Railways JSC announced that the metro construction facilities will be commissioned in accordance with the project implementation schedule, construction standards and technical requirements.

3. Approval of the procedure for saving the telephone number of a mobile network subscriber, when switching to another mobile operator.

According to the presidential decree “On measures to accelerate the development of electronic commerce”, for the effective operation of the remote customer identification mechanism with reference to the mobile phone number of subscribers, the Ministry of ICT Development was requested until December 31, 2018 to develop and approve the procedure for saving the phone number of the mobile network subscriber when switching to another mobile. 

No result seen so for.

4. “Electronic fare payment in buses will appear in 2019.”

Toshshakhartranskhizmat JSC planned to introduce an electronic fare payment system in urban public transport in 2019. By the end of 2018, a company, which would be involved in the implementation of the system, should have been selected, according to the board chairman of the company Mohirkhuja Valiyev. 

He also said that before June 1, 2019, two or three surveillance cameras would appear in all buses.

5. National ID-cards for journalists 

Until June 1, 2019, it was planned to introduce a national journalist ID in the form of an ID card in Uzbekistan. The ID card should contain installation data, a photo and a protective personal barcode of the owner, as well as the agency’s seal in the form of a hologram.

The press service of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications (AIMC) said that the certificate would be issued free of charge to journalists, accredited by the agency. With its help, allegedly, it would be possible to freely visit government and other organizations, public and cultural places for working purposes.

“Journalists with a certificate will be able to access the necessary information and participate in international and departmental events conducted by the state bodies,” the agency noted then.

Journalists still have not received any ID cards. AIMC stated that the document is ready, and it is being considered by the Ministry of Justice.

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