12:41 / 03.01.2020
Uzbekistan plans to develop tourism potential of Tashkent region on the basis of “Golden Ring” concept
Photo: uzbektourism

In order to increase the flow of tourists visiting Tashkent region, create favorable conditions for them, as well as increase the income of the local population, the necessary infrastructure will be formed on the basis of the of "Golden ring" concept in Bostanlyk, Okhangaron, Parkent, Buka, Chinoz, Zangiota districts and the city of Angren. This is stated in the resolution of the Government “On the rapid development of the tourism sector in Tashkent region in 2019-2021”.

According to the document, each district in the region develops its own tourist products and improves special areas of tourism.

For example, Bostanlyk district has a free tourist zone “Charvak”, Ugam-Chatkal National Park, “Chorvak” water reservoir,  there is an opportunity to develop all directions of tourism on the territory; Parkent district is a foothill area, it is beautiful in nature, there are places of pilgrimage, agroturism zones, delicious food points; Zangiota district is a historical area, it has a pilgrimage place – “Zangiota” complex, centers of handicrafts, shopping centers; Okhangaron district is rich in historical attractions, objects of cultural heritage, and opportunity for industrial tourism; In Buka district there are special tourist facilities in the direction of gastronomic tourism; Chinoz district is located on the main highway connecting  city of Tashkent and the region, has opportunities to develop other types of agroturism and gastronomic tourism; the city of Angren is famous for its industrial opportunities, the nature of Yangiabad and Lashkarak is beautiful, there are roadside food points serving tourists.

The concept of “Golden Ring” provides for the execution of the following tasks:

•  Development of tourism routes and road maps in the Zangiota - Chinoz - Buka - Okhangaron - Angren - Parkent - Bostanlyk direction;

•  Creation of a unified register of tourist objects, development of plan of measures to improve the quality of service in each tourism facility, preparation of passports containing all the information of the objects;

•  Registering existing road infrastructure in tourism routes, take measures to improve the quality of service in them, specify the location of the road infrastructure necessary for the new points  and prepare model projects;

•  Studying the world experience on the creation of new tourism objects on tourism routes, determining the addresses for the restoration of new tourism facilities, development and implementation of model projects;

•  On the “Golden Ring” separate tourist routes - organizing taxi services with modern passenger cars, bringing micro-buses and launching bus trips;

•  Taking measures to improve the road infrastructure of the districts within the framework of the concept;

•  Development and constant organization of a cultural and entertainment program that demonstrates national traditions for tourists in the regions;

•  Establishment of national tea houses of each region;

•  Development of craftsmanship, preparation of souvenirs for tourists, organization of home-museums of artisans;

•  Carrying out explanatory work on the organization of family guest houses and attracting the population to entrepreneurship;

•  Preparation and distribution of videos, manuals, road signs, advertising and promotional materials on promoting tourism potential of Tashkent region.

•  Organization of special training courses for employees of tourism entities operating in the field of services in tourist facilities.

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