17:54 / 04.01.2020
Sale of a single transport card starts in Tashkent

In Tashkent, the sale of a single transport card started, the press service of Toshshakhartranskhizmat reported.

The cost a NFC (near-field communication) card is 11,000 soums (the price includes 1 trip). At the first stage, a single general-purpose transport card will be sold at ticket offices of the metro and ticket sale points of Toshshakhartranskhizmat. Later, it can be bought in all branches of Aloqabank and Ucell dealer network.

The cost of a once-only fare on a single transport card is 1,400 soums.

It is planned that it will be possible to pay for travel in any form of transport in all cities of Uzbekistan by means of a contactless plastic card.

Four types of cards will be introduced: for pensioners, students, pupils and a preferential card, as well as a common unified transport card. The amount of the fare will depend on the tariff set in a particular region, and take into account privileges and discounts for different categories of passengers.

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