15:20 / 04.01.2020
Uzbekistan welcomes first guests from China arriving on a visa-free regime
Photo: State Committee for Tourism Development

On January 2, at the Tashkent International Airport, representatives of the State Committee for Tourism Development met first guests from China who arrived on a visa-free regime on the Urumqi-Tashkent flight. 

Lee Ji Lin, citizen of China and the first guest from the PRC arriving in Uzbekistan without a visa, is an entrepreneur and plans to familiarize herself with the opportunities created here for doing business.

“I came to Uzbekistan on a business trip, having heard about the large-scale changes taking place in all areas in recent years, but I did not expect such a grand welcome. I still do not know enough about Uzbekistan, but I hope to learn more during my stay. The introduction of a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens gives us great opportunities,” Lee Ji Lin said. “I am a director of a large company in Shandong Province of China. I plan to study your country and invest in it. Today, Chinese people travel a lot. Last year, around 120 million Chinese citizens traveled around the world. The introduction of a visa-free regime has certainly become good news. I think that from now on many Chinese will come to Uzbekistan.”

It should be noted that starting from January 1, 2020, in accordance with the presidential decree signed on September 12, 2019, citizens of China can visit Uzbekistan without a visa for a period no more than seven days.

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