11:00 / 06.01.2020
Emergency phone numbers to be combined into a single number in Tashkent

In 2019-2020, in Tashkent, work is underway to create a unified technological platform for the “Safe city” project, attracting foreign direct investment, the Ministry of ICT Development reports.

Based on this, all emergency numbers in Tashkent – 101, 102, 103, 104, 1050, 1055 will be united in a single center and organized as part of a single service at the short number “112”.

In addition, to ensure public order and security, more than 50,000 surveillance cameras will be installed at social facilities, culture, tourism, train stations and markets. The total database will be more than 20 million units, and an intelligent search engine will be created.

A modern traffic control network will be created at more than 500 intersections, and a smart parking service will be introduced.

An e-digital map will be developed with cadastral data included, with the help of which opportunities will be created to quickly respond to illegal facilities.

It is planned to create a training center for advanced training of operational duty service staff and technical specialists, as well as a laboratory to ensure the system’s smooth operation.

It is expected that with the help of the “Safe city” project, crime rate will be reduced by 45%.

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