17:53 / 07.01.2020
SSS officers detain Uzbek citizens engaged in illegal sale of gold

Employees of the State Security Service (SSS) and the State Customs Committee (SCC) detained several people, who were engaged in illegal sale of gold.

In particular, during an operational event held at the Gishtkuprik international checkpoint in Tashkent region, residents of Andijan were detained, while trying to illegally export 1 kg and 168 grams of gold to Kazakhstan. They planned to sell it in India.

Another chain of criminal activity was prevented in Tashkent region. A local resident sold gold, illegally mined from closed mines near Angren and Almalyk.

“At the checkpoint in Andijan region, a Lacetti car, operated by citizen T. M., was stopped. During the inspection, 1 kg and 476 grams of gold bars, as well as $14,000 and 8.9 million soums were discovered,” the SSS press service said.

After the arrest, the man confessed that he had purchased gold bars for jewelry making, which he sold in local markets and exported to India.

On the above facts, criminal cases have been instituted under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Investigative actions are underway.

In addition, while a resident of Tashkent region was selling gold bars with a total weight of about 1 kg to a native of Namangan for 294 million 600 thousand soums, both of the offenders were detained at a café on the territory of the Kamchik pass.

By a decision of the criminal court of the Pap district, Namangan region, one of the men was sentenced to 4 years, and the other - to 3 years in prison.

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