09:50 / 11.01.2020
Tashkent city ambulance station receives 150 Ford reanimobiles 
Photo: Ministry of Health

In Tashkent, an event dedicated to the presentation of 150 modern Ford reanimobiles, imported from abroad for use in the ambulance service, took place, the Ministry of Health reported. 

In 2017-2018, for the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, 1,500 new specialized ambulances were bought for the ambulance service. As a result, today about 2,500 modern ambulances serve population in the system. 

In recent years, funds allocated to the ambulance service have increased significantly.

In addition, the deployment of ambulance crews has been revised. Today, ambulance stations are organized in 844 rural family clinics. As a result, the radius of the services of ambulance crews decreased from 15-20 to 8-12 kilometers. Now in the country every 13,000 people is serviced by one ambulance.

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