22:17 / 15.01.2020
Health Ministry comments on the source of funding for newly purchased 150 Ford reanimobiles

Department of Public Relations of the Health Ministry recently announced that 150 Ford reanimobiles were purchased for hospitals of Tashkent. This certainly pleased many people. But what was the source of funding? What other future plans does the ambulance system have? To get answers to these and other questions, Kun.uz interviewed Sirojiddin Khayitmetov, head physician of the Tashkent ambulance station.

According to some reports, the cost of this project is $11.9 million. How was this project funded?

In accordance with the presidential decree dated October 16, 2018 “On measures to improve the ambulance service in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, in order to develop the ambulance service and improve its material-technical base, the Emergency Medical Development Fund was established under the Health Ministry, not having the status of a legal entity.

The project was mainly financed by this Fund.

Why are Ford reanimobiles chosen? Have any studies been conducted?

Prior to the acquisition, international experience was studied. It turned out that this car is used even in many European countries. Advantages and disadvantages of these reanimobiles, convenience (width, height, softness) have been taken into account. They were compared by a number of parameters, such as fuel type, fuel consumption and compliance with our climatic conditions. As a result, this model was chosen.

When will the replacement of all ambulances with modern ones end in accordance with the plan?

Considering the study of the effectiveness of the project in Tashkent, a gradual replacement of Damas ambulances in all regions of the country is scheduled for 2020-2021.

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