13:43 / 27.01.2020
State Statistics Committee announces average salary of the population in 2019

According to the State Statistics Committee, in January-December 2019, average monthly salary in Uzbekistan amounted to 2,324,500 soums and increased by 27.5% compared to the same period in 2018.

The SSC noted that the average monthly salary includes salary supplements, remuneration, incentive payments and compensation payments, as well as income tax and the fee withheld from individuals for union fund.

Much lower than the average national level, the average monthly nominal accrued salary was formed in the field of healthcare and the provision of social services – by 34%, accommodation and food services – by 24.6%, education – by 20.8%.

“It is significantly higher than the national average level in banking, insurance, leasing and credit and intermediary activities – by 106.4%, in ICT – by 70.9%,” the SSC said.

In addition, the results of the analysis showed that the increase in the average monthly nominal accrued wages, compared with the corresponding period of 2018, was observed for all types of economic activity.

“Significant growth was noted in the sphere of accommodation and food services – by 40.1%, banking, insurance, leasing and lending and intermediary activities – by 37.2%, education – by 33.3%,” the State Statistics Committee said.

It should be recalled that from February 1, in Uzbekistan, the salary of employees of budgetary institutions and organizations, pensions, stipends, allowances, as well as material assistance to low-income families has increased by 1.07 times.

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