15:25 / 30.01.2020
State to subsidize livestock import and production
Photo: KUN.UZ

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on additional measures of state support for the livestock industry.

According to the procedure established in the document, in 2020–2022, subsidies are allocated by the state to farms producing livestock products:

- in the amount of 1 million soums for each head of breeding cattle purchased from farms operating in the republic;

- in the amount of 2 million soums for each head of breeding cattle, and in the amount of 400 thousand soums for each breeding sheep and goat imported from foreign countries.

To the farms, which are members of the Uzbekbaliqsanoat Association and produce fish intensively, state provides subsidy:

- in the amount of 1 million soums per ton of intensively produced fish products;

- in the amount of 50 percent of expenses, up to 3.5 million soums, for 1 breeding stock of fish imported into the territory of Uzbekistan.

For poultry farms, which are members of the Parrandasanoat Association, this amount equals to 9 thousand soums.

The total amount of subsidies allocated for the purchase of breeding cattle in 2020 is 10 billion soums for purchase from local farms; 40 billion soums for imports from foreign countries. For the import of breeding sheep and goats, total of 6 billion soums are allocated.

It should be reminded that Kazakhstan, which is the main supplier of livestock to the Uzbek market (constitutes more than 80%), completely banned its export. In 2019, 156 thousand heads of livestock were exported from Kazakhstan, with 121.6 thousand heads, or 78%, being exported to Uzbekistan alone. Also, almost 264 thousand sheep were imported to Uzbekistan.

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