18:02 / 01.02.2020
Health Ministry provides detailed information about measures being taken to prevent entry of coronavirus to Uzbekistan

A special commission has been set up by the presidential decree to prevent the entry of coronavirus to Uzbekistan. The Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance under the Ministry of Health provided detailed information on the measures being taken.

On January 29, the presidential decree “On establishment of a special republican commission to prepare a program of actions for the prevention and repression of coronavirus in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was adopted.

According to the Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance, a meeting of the emergency commission, chaired by the Prime Minister, was held at the Cabinet of Ministers.

Air communication with China has been suspended, all citizens located in China will be returned to Uzbekistan.

More than 28,000 people arrived in Uzbekistan on January 31.

Yesterday 38 aircrafts arrived at the Tashkent International Airport from abroad, and 4,194 citizens underwent medical checks at the sanitary and quarantine check-points. 84 of them are Uzbek students, who study in China.

“Among citizens, who have undergone medical checks, only one passenger arriving from Russia had a high fever. During the epidemiological investigation, doctors found out that the patient with high body temperature had not been in contact with patients suspected of coronavirus,” the agency said.

5 trains transported 953 people through 6 Central Railway Stations of Uzbekistan Railways and no patients with high temperature were identified.

2,158 motor vehicles and 23,570 citizens passed across the state borders through the sanitary-quarantine checkpoints “Gishtkuprik”, “Oybek” (in Tashkent region), “Ayraton”, “Gulbahor” and River port (in Surkhandarya region) and “Dustlik” (in Andijan regoin). No patients suspected of infectious diseases were identified.

Samples of 21 individuals were brought to the Agency’s Virology Laboratory for coronavirus testing, no coronavirus was detected among the samples.

As of January 31, there were no cases of coronavirus infection among citizens.

It was noted that the command center of the Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance operates around the clock.

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