15:38 / 01.02.2020
Khokim of Jizzakh region oversees major agro-industrial project realization 

The growth in the production of basic livestock products (meat and milk) has socio-economic importance for the development of society, since it belongs to the group of basic food products. In addition, they are sources of a significant part of the family income in rural areas, and in case of successful development of industry – valuable export-oriented goods.

It should also be noted that breeding cattle is the most developed livestock sector in farms, accounting for approximately 74% of the value produced by livestock farmers. However, the modern integrated full cycle production of Jizzax Organic has no analogues in Uzbekistan; it combines the best experience of advanced technologies with the relevant base of scientific knowledge.

So, implementing the decree of the President “On measures to radically improve the public administration system in the field of veterinary medicine and livestock” adopted at the end of March 2019, and the subsequent presidential decree “On measures to further develop and support the livestock industry”, Jizzax Organic develops such areas as the production of animal feed, meat and dairy products, and in addition, owns its own breeding and genetic center. These factors allow the company to have a livestock of the best breeds and the highest quality products on the market. Jizzax Organic production aims to provide environmentally friendly products for residents of Uzbekistan, as well as to develop the country’s export potential.

In order to identify at what stage the implementation of this large investment project is, khokim of Jizzakh region, Ergash Soliyev, visited the Jizzax Organic agricultural cluster on January 30 of this year, as it has been developing rapidly in 2019 in Zaamin and Zarbdar districts.

An ambitious project in the agricultural sector, with 120 million euros invested and 11,000 hectares of land allocated, ignited the interest of the regional khokim. Moreover, the project is being implemented in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to create an agro-industrial cluster in Jizzakh region” dated July 23, 2019.

At the Jizzax Organic, the khokim of the region met with the company’s management - Jizzax Organic CEO Hikmatilla Karimov, his deputy Ikrom Yadgarov and the construction project manager Muhiddin Abdullayev, who explained to him the scope and progress of the project, familiarized him with already operating, ready for delivery and under construction facilities, and also provided details about each of them.

In particular, plans to create an agro-industrial cluster Jizzax Organic involve the launch of the main areas of production - dairy and meat farms and crop production. Due to the active support of the government, within a year, the company restored and improved the land at its disposal, established infrastructure, and planted greenery on the territory. Crop production and feed production for cattle was launched. The first farm was built, and 500 heads of Aberdeen-Angus breed were brought from Europe. In 2020, another 6 thousand heads will join them. At present, 4 storage facilities and a feed production workshop, 10 sites for haulage storage have been commissioned. The construction of 4 livestock buildings still continues. The completion of the first construction phase of Jizzax Organic is planned for June 2020.

Khokim of the region Ergash Soliyev examined the dairy farm, and although its construction is 45% completed, even now it is possible to see the technologies, innovations, equipment and conditions in which animals are kept. Now, investments in a dairy farm reached 60 million euros. Soon, Jizzax Organic expects the arrival of two thousand Holstein cows, famous for their valuable and healthy milk A2. The farm creates all conditions for them: loose housing, spacious cowsheds and grounds for walking. Basic processes, such as feeding, climate, milking, insemination, cleaning, health control are automated to reduce human presence and stress for animals. The head of the region examined the headlocks for feeding and other innovative implementations. Then he discussed with the company management the improvement of the 70 hectare of area as feedlot for cattle.

Ergash Soliyev noted the importance of the tasks set by Jizzax Organic for the region as well as for the republic. The livestock agro-industrial cluster in Uzbekistan is aimed at developing the region, farming, training young specialists and, of course, addressing personnel issues. It is planned that at least 300 specialists will work at the enterprise. To provide them with decent conditions, Jizzax Organic is building a whole town for farmers and develops infrastructure. During the discussion of the project, khokim made a proposal on choosing the best place for the construction of a residential complex for Jizzax Organic employees.

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