11:25 / 01.02.2020
Poll: 77% of Uzbekistan’s population use public transport 

According to the survey, the majority of the population in the country use public transport. Half of the respondents think that the number of buses and minibuses, their service quality are unsatisfactory.

In December, to assess the status of protection of the rights of the population in the sphere of passenger transportation, the Consumer Protection Agency conducted a social survey among 1,661 participants.

The poll results were announced at a press conference with the participation of officials from the Consumer Protection Agency on January 31, Kun.uz correspondent said.

“It is identified that 77% of respondents across the country use public transport.

More than 50% of them said that the number of buses and minibuses operating en route, as well as their service quality are not satisfactory. 74.3% of participants made proposals to open new routes,” director of the Consumer Protection Agency Elmurod Khayitmetov said.

Elmurod Khayitmetov Photo: AIMC

According to the survey, 29.7% of the respondents expressed a negative opinion about the condition of bus stops.

In addition, it was reported that the heating system of buses and vans is not working properly, buses stay in bus stops for a long time. Also, many respondents mentioned about the lack of data on bus schedules. 

“The information and proposals, collected as a result of the polls, were submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Transport,” Elmurod Khayitmetov added.

Photo: AIMC
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