09:00 / 02.02.2020
EPSILON (EDC): Obtaining a daily flow rate of 500,000 m³ of gas at Khudjum-3 well

As a result of 350-m-long horizontal drilling in the effective pay followed by hydraulic fracturing, an industrial inflow of natural gas was obtained from Khudjum-3 well.

Round-the-clock construction of “Chigil CP – Mubarek GPP” gas pipeline continues.

Total for February 01:

  • 144,400 t of pipes shipped;
  • 101,100 t of pipes arrived;
  • 180.1 km of trenches dug;
  • 222.1 km of pipes welded into a string;
  • 127.4 km laid.

Epsilon Development Company (EDC) Press Office