13:59 / 03.02.2020
Komil Allamjonov clarifies financing sources of the new Fund

Komil Allamjonov commented on financing sources of the new Fund and stated that as in the past, there would be no cases of attracting money by forcing entrepreneurs.

On February 2, Hyatt Regency hotel in Tashkent hosted a presentation of projects carried out by the Public Fund for Support and Development of National Mass Media. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the chairman of the board of trustees Komil Allamjonov said that the Fund would not be financed by the state.

“Many people may have different opinions about the financial sources of the Fund. Some may say it is a state-owned non-government organization, others may be bothered by the fact that it is an institution created to spend public money in such a way, or they may think that the Fund will be subsidized by entrepreneurs as in the past. 

Taking this opportunity, I can assure you that our Fund is only funded by foreign grants or by local philanthropists and friendly businessmen. Each of the Fund’s activities, unlike any previous Funds, is completely open, including its founders and funding sources. This Fund will do its best to enhance the legal knowledge of journalists and bloggers, to fully protect their interests before government bodies, to provide financial assistance to vulnerable mass media, as well as to ensure freedom of speech and press in Uzbekistan.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform all foreign and local organizations that we are open to constant cooperation in financing the Fund’s projects,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Allamjonov as saying.

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