11:49 / 04.02.2020
Uzbekistan Airways to organize charter flights to Beijing and Wuhan on February 4-5

To purchase tickets for these flights, one must contact the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing and the airline’s representative office.

According to the press service of the company, by decision of the government commission, Uzbekistan Airways will carry out charter flights on the following routes on February 4-5 this year:

- Beijing-Tashkent (two flights) – airfare is below the average fare;

- Wuhan-Tashkent (one flight) – fare free.

To purchase tickets for these flights, one must contact the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Beijing and the representative office of Uzbekistan Airways at the following numbers:

Consular Section of the Embassy:

Aziz Khilvatov +86 138 1120 4471;

Bobur Yakhyayev +86 135 1102 4242.

Representatives of the Embassy:

Nuriddin Ubaydullayev +86 139 10 85 7245;

Nodir Nurmatov +86 158 1047 7270;

Shukhrat Umirov +86 139 1175 4476;

Rustam Nazarov +86 138 0122 1452;

Akmalkhon Olimkhonov +86 185 0017 0040;

Mansur Ibragimov +86 135 5220 7848;

Sardor Sirojov +86 186 1812 9040;

Avaz Kamalov +86 178 1070 2707.

Representative office of Uzbekistan Airways:

Trobov Murod +86 184 0196 9633;

Alexey +86 186 0195 8683.

These flights are carried out in connection with the exacerbation of coronavirus infection in China. 

“There are medical workers and specialists in the field of virology with modern diagnostic tools, personal protective equipment, as well as the necessary medical preparations on each plane. Enhanced security measures were introduced on flights jointly with the Ministry of Health,” the press service said.

Upon arrival, passengers of these flights will be sent to the temporary accommodation center. In this regard, the company asked not to meet passengers at the airport in Tashkent.

The arrival time will be announced later.

For questions regarding the stay of passengers in a temporary accommodation center, one can contact the headquarters of the Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing under the Ministry of Health at: (+99871) 276-49-66.

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