20:20 / 08.02.2020
“Systematic use of child labor has fully been eliminated in Uzbekistan” - ILO

Recently, an international roundtable was held in Tashkent, within the framework of which experts discussed combating human trafficking and forced labor in Uzbekistan.

The event participants discussed the implementation of reforms in Uzbekistan aimed at ensuring decent employment, the development of small business and entrepreneurship, improving the agricultural sector, and the transition to market mechanisms in agriculture.

They announced the results of monitoring to prevent forced labor in cotton production. Separately, they noted that the systematic use of child labor during the cotton harvest has been abolished.

ILO Deputy Director General Heinz Koller noted that “the cooperation of the ILO and Uzbekistan goes beyond the elimination of forced labor, this issue has already remained in the past for Uzbekistan”. 

According to Helena Fraser, the UN Resident Coordinator in Uzbekistan, the country’s reforms in the socio-economic sphere, in the field of ensuring employment of the population, especially youth and women, poverty eradication, as well as the conditions created for the active participation of the people in all spheres of life, fully meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, the National Commission, together with international organizations, is developing measures to implement the final recommendations of the roundtable.

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