12:25 / 11.02.2020
Belavia Airlines to launch regular flights to Tashkent
Photo: Victor Tolochko

The Belarusian airline Belavia plans to launch a regular flight to Tashkent in 2020. This was announced by the Aviation Department Director of the Transport and Communications Ministry Artem Sikorsky during his interview with the STV TV channel.

“We are considering low-cost business models for Belavia. We have appropriate aircraft and regional airports that can offer low tariffs. We are also working on the geography of flights – thinking about low-cost flight destinations a passenger may choose. Last year, the airline’s network expanded to 55 routes. This year, three more routes will be added: a regular flight to Vienna, a regular flight to Tashkent and a regular flight to the city of Reus (80 kilometers from Barcelona),” he said.

Belavia Airlines is the largest air carrier in Belarus. It is based at Minsk National Airport and operates regular flights to 55 airports in 29 countries of Europe and Asia.

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