16:19 / 14.02.2020
Uzbek citizen gifts 27,000 masks to Chinese friends

Murodjon Kenjebayev, 28, flew from Tashkent to Guangzhou, the administrative center of Guangdong province in southern China, with three large bags full of masks on February 11, Xinhua reports.

Photo: TASS

“11 days ago I delivered 12 thousand masks from Uzbekistan to Guangzhou, and this time brought another 15 thousand,” he said.

According to the agency, Murodjon has been living in China for six years and is currently studying Arabic at Guangdong University of Foreign Languages and Foreign Trade.

His friends often call him Guō Mòruò, after a prominent Chinese scholar, historian and writer (1892 - 1978).

“I get a scholarship from the Chinese government and see this country as my second homeland,” he said. Pointing to the wall of the Guangwei, Murodjon, not hiding the feeling of happiness, told the correspondent that in Xinhua he found the other half of his life.

In January, Murodjon returned to see his parents in Uzbekistan on the winter holidays. Despite the long distance, he closely observed the situation of the epidemic of viral pneumonia in China.

In order to help his Chinese colleagues, Murodjon and his relatives, friends, and his brother visited almost all pharmacies in his hometown Gulistan.

When he barely collected 15 thousand masks, he encountered another problem. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the shipment of parcels to China was suspended. Therefore, Murodjon decided to travel to Guangzhou himself.

First, he traveled 120 km to Tashkent, and then flew to Moscow. After waiting 12-hour at the airport, he went on another plane and flew to China.

Recently, masks have risen in price and currently cost about five Yuan, and this number of masks costs a lot. Despite this, Murodjon decided to give them to his Chinese friends free of charge.

After he gave the masks to his friends, he immediately flew back to Uzbekistan.

“Now, China needs help. I wish well-being to all my Chinese friends and I hope that this trouble will pass!” he said in an interview.

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