15:44 / 15.02.2020
Nematov compares current policy of Uzbekistan with the policy of Germany in the post-war period

The First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ilhom Nematov, compared the current policy of the country with the policy of Germany in the post-war period.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to Nematov, policy of openness helped Germany attract investment and restore the country’s economy. He noted that Uzbekistan also intends to follow the same policy with its foreign partners.

“History has shown that country cannot develop without foreign investment. For example, Germany – a country, completely destroyed during the World War ll. I began my diplomatic career in this country and I can say that after the war Germany opened all its doors. Today we can see the results of these actions. Uzbekistan pursues the same open door policy,” Nematov said at a press conference.

He stressed that in the current year this policy will be continued, “in order to provide the country with investments, increase export potential and guarantee human rights”.

“In recent years, we have completely freed ourselves from political and economic isolation. The President said earlier that we still have much to do to improve our relations with neighboring countries. Now it really happened - the situation became much better. Today, Central Asian countries undergo significant changes in relations,” Nematov concluded.

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