11:46 / 15.02.2020
Uzbek woman, 29, who abandoned her baby near metro, arrested in Moscow

A resident of Uzbekistan, who abandoned a newborn child in an underpass near the “Park Pobedy” (“Victory Park”) metro station in Moscow, was arrested for a month and 28 days, Izvestiya reports.

Maftunakhon Karimova, 29, said that she left the child because of the inability to feed him independently. Reportedly, she came to Moscow to work, but soon fell in love with a young man from whom she became pregnant.

According to Karimova, she did not have funds to feed her son, as a result of which she was begging and engaged in prostitution for two days. The girl added that she wanted to send the child to the maternity hospital or orphanage, but they did not accept him there. Consequently, she decided to leave her son near the metro, so that he is noticed and taken away.

On February 12, a child, who looked 2-3 months old, was found by underpass workers. The woman, who left the baby, was captured by the surveillance cameras.

Law enforcement bodies began the search operations. Investigators opened a criminal case under a relevant article.

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