21:15 / 24.02.2020

Police detain a man for jumping on top of cars, place him in psychiatric hospital

Internet user, calling herself “Ekaterina Starikova”, published information that on February 13 on Darkhan Street in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district, a 25-30 years old unknown person hit her in the shoulder when she was on the walk with her 10-month-old son.

Central Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) reports that officers of the Mirzo-Ulugbek district DIA conducted an investigation into the case.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of February 13, 2020, on Darkhan Street, Mirzo-Ulugbek district. The young man, without any reason, hit 34-year-old citizen on the shoulder when she was walking with her child. The identity of the man has been established – 34-year-old F.A.

They also discovered that at night the man climbed on top of the cars left in unguarded parking lots and jumped on them, kicking their doors, again for no understandable reason.

Officer reported this case to doctors of the City Clinical Psychiatric Hospital, and F.A. was admitted there.

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