12:21 / 25.02.2020
List of changes taking place from March 1 announced: Wages of some construction workers to increase

The Ministry of Justice announced what changes await residents of Uzbekistan from March 1 of this year.

1. Payment for collection services will be made by the customer

Payment for services of the cash delivery to banks from business entities through collection services is paid by the customer, which means, the initiator of the collection services either, business entity or bank (according to the contract), will pay for transportation.

2. The documentation for the construction design will include a mandatory requirement to protect plants from adverse effects

During construction, reconstruction, overhaul, landscaping, demolition of construction projects, and putting construction projects into operation, the following mandatory requirements are included in the design documentation:

- measures to prevent adverse effects on flora, their growth environment (as well as protect them from such effects);

- compensation measures in accordance with the law;

- performing landscaping in accordance with the design rules and standards in this area.

3. The wages of some construction workers will increase

The state construction control at major repair facilities is no longer required, with the exception of facilities financed from budgetary funds.

In addition, the salaries of the workers controlling construction increase by 1.4 times.

4. New procedure for the lemon plantations construction is to be introduced

Due to this, Agency for the Development of Horticulture and Greenhouse Management, khokimiyats, cooperatives (clusters) created with the participation of processing enterprises and exporting organizations, have got special tasks.

In particular, the Agency for the Development of Horticulture and Greenhouse Management determines the standards for newly created lemon plantations (variety and quality of seedlings, planting scheme, requirements for greenhouses, resource-saving technologies and others), organizes the implementation of international experience and resource-saving innovative technologies in the development of the lemon growing sphere.

In addition, certain expenses of farmers and dekhkan farms, agricultural enterprises and business entities, united into cooperatives, are covered as subsidizes:

- at the expense of the Horticulture and Greenhouse Development Fund — expenses related to the construction of new lemon plantations and the purchase of seedlings in an amount not exceeding 30 million soums per hectare;

- Agency for Export Promotion – up to 25 percent of transportation costs related to the export of lemon fruits.

5. There are plans to introduce a system for assessing the level of entrepreneurship development in different regions

The assessment will be carried out every six months and a year.

The results of the assessment will compose a rating of the regions, Republic of Karakalpakstan and Tashkent City, as well as other cities and districts, and managerial staff of organizations, local executive authorities of the regions with high ratings will be financially rewarded.

The assessment will be carried out by the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Ministry of Justice.

6. Import of some types of equipment into the territory of Uzbekistan will be banned

Import of used induction furnaces and chambers (HS code 8514 20 1000), the production year of which exceeds 3 years at the time of customs clearance, into the territory of Uzbekistan will be prohibited.

7. Applications for subsidies under the new mortgage procedure to be applied through Public Service Centers

Applications for subsidies under the new procedure for mortgage lending to the population based on market mechanisms will be applied through the Public Service Centers or through the Unified Portal of Interactive Public Services.

8. A screening to be done every 2.5 years with duration of maximum 5 days, checking compliance with the requirements and conditions of the license by non-governmental medical organizations

Also, the state fire control authorities will conduct inspections of fire hazard facilities for compliance with fire safety requirements in the following periods:

- Once a year, at facilities included in the group 1;

- Once in 2 year period, at facilities included in the group 2;

- Once in 3 year period, at facilities included in the group 3.

9. Mutual cooperation between ministries and departments will be established, to provide social, legal and psychological assistance to controlled individuals.

10. The “Register of Artisans Conducting Activities in Sphere of Tourism” will be launched as a real-time, up-to-date, and open online website.

11. The construction of new state secondary educational institutions, reconstruction, major repairs and equipping new ones, no matter what source is funding, will be carried out based on the standard projects and standards for equipping the construction and reconstruction of modern schools.

12. Gas and petrol stations, not equipped with sanitary and hygienic units to meet the requirements of sanitary and urban norms and rules will be banned.

13. The law “On the privatization of non-agricultural land plots” comes into force.

14. New samples of a certificate of a tractor driver, a technical passport and a technical certificate will be issued throughout the republic, when issuing a certificate to a tractor driver and registering equipment, respectively.

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