16:16 / 25.02.2020
State Ecology Committee proposes to tighten punishment for illegal cutting down of trees 
Photo: KUN.UZ

The State Ecology Committee (SEC) fully shares the concern of the Uzbek people in egregious cases of violation of the moratorium on cutting down of trees and advocates increased criminal responsibility against perpetrators.

The Committee noted that illegal cutting down of trees is a huge irreparable loss for the world of flora and fauna. In this regard, it is important to expand outreach, explaining to the population and entrepreneurs the importance of trees in our lives. On the other hand, the formation of a responsible attitude to this issue is associated with the strengthening of legislative liability for the violations committed. 

“Therefore, the Committee takes the initiative to tighten the punishment under Article 198 of the Criminal Code (“Damage, destruction of crops, forests or other plantations”), providing for an increase in the amount of fines (now – up to 100 base calculating amounts), the duration of compulsory community service (now – up to 360 hours) and correctional labor (now – up to 3 years), as well as the term of restriction or imprisonment (currently – up to 3 years),” the Committee said. 

They added that the relevant amendments to the legislation are under development and will soon be submitted to the competent authorities.

The SEC also offers to expand the planting of new trees. This will be facilitated, for example, by such nationwide projects as “Yashil Vatanim” (“My Green Homeland”), “Bir million daraxt” (“One million trees”), and other similar initiatives at places.

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