15:34 / 26.02.2020
State Ecology Committee suspends activity of a cement plant in Andijan

Recently, the population and public organizations have appealed to the State Ecology Committee with complaints about the activities of large cement manufacturing companies that pollute the environment with their emissions.

Photo: State Ecology Committee

As the press service of the State Ecology Committee reported, on February 12-21, an audit was conducted on the activities of SING LIDA JV LLC, located in the Asaka district, Andijan region.

Specialists studied how the implementation of legislation and regulatory documents on the protection of nature and the rational use of resources is ensured. In the course of acquaintance with the operation process of the clinker furnace, it was identified that there are openings in several places of the cyclones, through which pollutants are released directly into the atmospheric air.

Laboratory analyzes of the effectiveness of dust-cleaning devices of two sources of pollutants were also conducted there. Dust collection rates were too low: in the first case - 53.1%, in the second - 60.7%, despite the fact that the design capacity of both - 99.9%.

“The above facts indicate a violation of the requirements of the laws “On the protection of nature” and “On the protection of atmospheric air”. In this regard, the operation of the clinker kiln and cement mill of SING LIDA LLC, which do not meet modern environmental requirements, was temporarily suspended, the State Ecology Committee said.

Specialists gave instructions for the prompt elimination of deficiencies and the reduction of pollutant emissions into the air.

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