21:45 / 02.03.2020
Nordwind launches regular flights from Tatarstan to Tashkent
Photo: arcakh24.info

Begishevo International Airport (Tatarstan), in cooperation with the Russian airline company Nordwind, opens a new regular flight to Tashkent on March 16, Tatarstan Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities reports.

Flights to Tashkent will be carried out on Boeing 737-800 aircraft on Mondays. Departure from Begishevo is planned to be at 11:55, and departure from Tashkent – at 18:10.

Total travel time is 2 hours 55 minutes. The minimum ticket price starts at 7,652 rubles including all taxes and fees.

It is noted that in the route network of Nordwind Airlines Tashkent will be the fifth destination from Begishevo Airport after Moscow, Simferopol, Antalya and Monastir. Tickets for all airline flights are on sale.

Earlier, President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, proposed connecting Kazan and Bukhara with a direct flight, which is expected to contribute to the development of business activities and the growth of mutual tourist flow.

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