11:41 / 06.03.2020
Freedom House recognizes Uzbekistan as repressive country

Freedom House international human rights organization published the “Freedom in the world 2020” report. 

Photo: KUN.UZ

In general, experts analyzed the situation in 195 countries. 83 of them were recognized as “free”, 63 - “partially free” and 49 - “repressive”.

“Democracy is under threat all over the world, and this is happening not only in authoritarian states like China, Russia and Iran, but also in countries with many years of experience in protecting rights and freedoms,” the report says.

Uzbekistan remained in the list of repressive countries with 10 points out of 100 (8 points in terms of civil liberties, and 2 points in terms of political rights).

In addition to Uzbekistan, 48 countries were classified as repressive in the report, including Russia (20 points), Belarus (19), East Donbass (5), South Ossetia (10 points) and Tajikistan (9). The same group included China (10), North Korea (3), Turkey (32) and Rwanda (22).

The most repressive countries, according to the report, are Syria (0), Tibet (1) and Turkmenistan (2).

Freedom House recognizes 63 countries, including Georgia (61), Ukraine (62), Kyrgyzstan (39), Abkhazia (40) and Honduras (45) as “partially free” states.

The list of free countries (83 countries in total) is headed by Finland, Norway and Sweden (in each of these countries all 100 political rights and civil liberties are respected). Almost all countries of the European Union, as well as the USA and Canada, fall into the same category.

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