18:58 / 09.03.2020
Amount of state fee for ID-card that replaces biometric passport determined

The state fee for obtaining ID-card is set at 89% of the BCA.

Photo: MIA press service

The government adopted a resolution on the introduction of a system for the registration and issuance of ID cards in Uzbekistan.

It establishes that from January 1, 2021, a newborn child, a citizen of Uzbekistan, a stateless person permanently residing on the territory of Uzbekistan and a foreign citizen shall be issued an identification card of the standard form.

ID-card is a document certifying the identity, citizenship of its holder, and is used on the territory of Uzbekistan. ID card is issued for 10 years from the moment of its issue;

The document also mentions the cost of an ID card.

It is noted that the fee for ID-cards is set 89% of the BCA. That is, 198,470 soums.

Reportedly, the biometric passport of citizens, stateless persons and residence permit of foreign citizens are valid until their expiration date. Yet, holders of these documents have the right to exchange them in the prescribed manner to the ID-card.

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