12:12 / 11.03.2020
Health Minister on coronavirus: “We are not hiding the disease. It is impossible to hide it”
Photo: Ministry of Health

“I want to ask the media, international organizations, and the public to cooperate in fighting groundless, fraudulent messages,” said Alisher Shodmanov.

A press conference on the issues of coronavirus infection was held at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications.

“In case the disease is diagnosed, we have sufficient stockpiles of medicines as well as an ability to prevent it from spreading. We need to deliver the necessary information on time.

The most important thing is not to believe in misleading rumors and take precautions. We are not hiding the disease, it is impossible to hide it. However, I would recommend citizens not to travel abroad, if it is not urgent.

We publicly declare all restrictive measures and ask you to understand them correctly. If our citizens take all precautions, I hope we will prevent the entry of coronavirus into Uzbekistan,” the Health Minister said.

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