17:23 / 12.03.2020
Lianne Kuppens: The possibility of penetration of coronavirus into Uzbekistan is high

Coronavirus can enter Uzbekistan at any time. It has already hit six continents.

Photo: IPC

This was reported by the head of the WHO Representative Office in Uzbekistan Lianne Kuppens, Dunyo reports.

She recalled that the virus is contagious and has already hit six continents. Lianne Kuppens also reported that to date, no cases of coronavirus in Uzbekistan have been identified.

“Due to the fact that the virus is contagious, and it has already hit six continents, the possibility that it will arrive in Uzbekistan in the near future is high,” she said.

Dr. Kuppens called on Uzbek people to be vigilant, but not to panic.

“We need to be active,” she added.

The WHO representative emphasized that not a single country in the world, even the most developed one, could be fully prepared for coronavirus. In this regard, WHO continues to assist in monitoring, early detection, diagnosing and enhancing the capacity of health facilities through case studies, data sharing and raising public awareness.

According to Dr. Kuppens, Uzbekistan should take the necessary measures today, and the work in this direction is already underway.

She assured that the government of Uzbekistan follows all the recommendations of WHO.

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