12:16 / 13.03.2020
What will people lose if the automobile plant does not work? A representative of UzAuto Motors explains

On March 11, deputies and senators held talks with representatives of Uzavtosanoat and UzAuto Motors, Kun.uz correspondent reports. 

MP Rasul Kusherbayev asked the heads of the automobile industry a few questions.

“Let’s imagine, if the automobile plant does not work, what will 34 million people of Uzbekistan lose?” Kusherbayev asked.

Rasul Kusherbayev

Alexander Sakhapov, chief financial director of UzAuto Motors answered the question:

“First of all, we will lose at least 18,000 jobs.

Secondly, we will lose 4 trillion soums of budget revenues.”

Alexander Sakhapov

According to Rasul Kusherbayev, the cars that are being manufactured for domestic consumers are being produced with defects. Each car should be brought to the Sergeli auto market and be installed rubbers with an additional cost of 400-500,000 to 1 million soums. It seems that the automobile plant and the Sergeli bazaar management have a common agreement. As soon as you go there, specialists will tell you what is missing in your new car. And you will be surprised to hear that. 

“Why do you export cars of high quality but do not produce the same quality vehicles for our citizens?” Kusherbayev asked. 

His question was answered by the head of the department for strategic planning, analysis and development of Uzavtosanoat Rustam Kadirov.

Rustam Kadirov

“First of all, I would like you to understand the concept of quality and component separately. There are specific requirements of export markets, including Russia, for components, which are not required in Uzbekistan. For example, because of the colder climate there, the seats should be heated.

We do not need a seat heater. For Russia, we have to install it as per the import demand. We have faced the same case with daytime running lights, which was introduced in Uzbekistan last year. We have started production with such lights. However, their prices have not yet been added to the car’s total value. We have to take all of this into consideration,” Kadirov said.

The representative of Uzavtosanoat said that from the point of view of quality, there should be no question, as all cars supplied for export and domestic market come from the same conveyor and are used the same components.

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