18:26 / 14.03.2020
A man in Tashkent, who decided to test himself for coronavirus, blamed for provocation

In Tashkent, a man decided to test himself for coronavirus. In the district branch of the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance department, he was called a provocateur.

Photo: Freepik

Saidali Mukhtoraliyev, a user of the Facebook social network, told about this in the “Dialogue with the people” group.

“Two days ago, I drank cold water at night. Then I got sick, I had high temperature. At about 16:00 on March 12, I went to city polyclinic No. 37 and at the same time decided to check how things are with the coronavirus inspection. I told the nurse on duty that I had a fever and I wanted to get tested for coronavirus. She replied that I should come the next day at 10:00. I once again reiterated that I want to test myself for coronavirus. She advised me to turn to Nilufar. The doctor said that the clinic did not have equipment for testing, and advised me to go to the Virology Research Institute.
Then I went to the Chilanzar district branch of the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance department. There was no department head, he was at the event. One of the employees said that they could not help and advised me to visit the city department. There was no specific system and methods for combating coronavirus. When I demanded to take an analysis, they started pushing me towards the exit and said that I was a provocateur,” he wrote.

In the end, the man decided to go to the central office of the Agency for Sanitary and Epidemiological Wellbeing. So he was met by the department head Rustam and the appropriate analysis was taken from him.

“In the morning, the results were sent to me via Telegram. It turns out that I am healthy, there is no coronavirus,” he concluded.

At the same time, the man criticized the employees of the clinic and the regional branch of the state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance department for the fact that they did not have a specific system for determining and preventing coronavirus.