17:05 / 15.03.2020
Innovation Development Ministry announces a contest for combating coronavirus
Photo: Anadolu Agency

Within the framework of government programs for scientific activities aimed at effective fight against coronavirus COVID-19 in the country, the Ministry of Innovation Development has announced a competition of practical projects in the field of “Medical sciences”. In total, 3.5 billion soums will be allocated for financing the practical projects.

“The current situation creates the need for molecular and genetic diagnostics for the development of coronavirus strains and the development of technologies for their treatment based on an in-depth analysis of the pathogenesis of coronavirus infections in the country.

In order to prevent the penetration of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) into Uzbekistan, the necessary measures in our country need to be raised to a higher level,” the Ministry of Innovation Development informs.

This contest will be held in accordance with the resolution No. 133 of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to further improve the legal framework for the development of research and innovation”, adopted on March 9, 2020.

Topics of projects, which will be implemented within the framework of the state order, are:

1. Two-year practical project on “Combating coronavirus infection based on an in-depth analysis of their pathogenesis and creation of treatment technology” (the amount of total funding – 2 billion soums);

2. One-year practical project on “Creation of molecular-genetic diagnostics for coronavirus COVID-19 strains” (the amount of total funding – 1.5 billion soums).