16:54 / 16.03.2020
“Foodstuff shortages will not be observed in the Republic” – Uzbekoziqovqatholding

Uzbekoziqovqatholding has issued a statement regarding the issue of coronavirus penetration into Uzbekistan.

Photo: KUN.UZ

In the food industry, more than 12,000 enterprises are involved in the production. Today, these enterprises are operating in their normal mode, the information service of Uzbekoziqovqatholding said.

It is noted that the majority of the enterprises work in 1 shift and use about 70% of their capacities. Reportedly, they have an opportunity to utilize an additional 30% of the capacity and set up the work in 2 shifts.

It is stated that 98% of food products have been localized in the country. Almost all the raw materials are produced in the country. Cocoa and coffee grains, citrus fruits are imported from abroad.

Earlier, the STC chairman Bekhzod Musayev said that the rumors about the shortage of foodstuffs were groundless.