18:40 / 17.03.2020
“Citizens, who hide their sickness and intentionally infect others, could face up to eight years of imprisonment” – Deputy Minister

Persons, who notice the symptoms of the disease but hide them and intentionally infect others with coronavirus while walking along the streets, thus violate the current quarantine, will be prosecuted.

This was stated by the Deputy Justice Minister Akbar Tashkulov in an interview with Kun.uz.

“Knowing about his sickness and deliberately infecting someone else with the disease is a violation of the quarantine regime that can have serious consequences.

According to the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, the case which causes citizens’ death or spread of the disease is considered as an aggravating circumstance. That is, it could result in the imprisonment of the person from 5 to 8 years.

Akbar Tashkulov

If a person deliberately infects someone with it, then such a citizen will be held accountable before the law. If such a case is identified, the offender will face criminal liability under several articles of the Criminal Code,” Akbar Tashkulov said.

In addition, the Deputy Minister reminded that those who cause panic among people in the quarantine period will also be prosecuted.

“The laws provide for strict liability of citizens or officials for violating quarantine procedures. In particular, Article 2441 of the Criminal Code establishes criminal liability for spreading fears among citizens in quarantine cases.

Our citizens should not panic. At present, the government is taking all necessary measures,” Akbar Tashkulov said.